Nicholas Mantegna (Urban Forestry)

Assistant Forestry Technician at Strategic Natural Resource Consultants in Campbell River, BC

Nicholas Mantegna (a UBC Forestry Co-op student) standing near a mountain, wearing safety gear and smiling

For my third co-op term, I have been working as an Assistant Forestry Technician for Strategic Natural Resource Consultants.  My first month I worked on a contract with BC Hydro, inventorying the vegetation under power lines.  More recently I have been working as a silviculture surveyor.  I walk into cutblocks multiple years after they have been harvested and planted, then survey the health and arrangement of the trees that are regenerating in the cutblock.  Applying skills I learned at UBC relating to tree and disease identification has helped prepare me for my tasks as a silviculture surveyor.  Given that I work on Vancouver Island, I have already had the privilege of experiencing the challenging and beautiful terrain that defines coastal British Columbia.  The opportunity to gain first hand experience of the operational side of forestry in B.C. through the co-op program has given me an understanding of the forestry industry that I would not have been able to receive if I did not get out of the classroom and into the field.

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