Noel Hancocks (Forest Sciences)

Summer Forest Technician with Lil’wat Forestry Ventures in BC

UBC Forestry Co-op student, Noel Hancocks, smiling while working in a forest.

For my first Co-op placement, I have had the pleasure of working as a summer forest technician with Lil’wat Forestry Ventures in Mt. Currie, BC. In this position I have been exposed to numerous different aspects of the forestry industry from post-harvest to regeneration and management, while having the added benefit of seeing how an indigenous run forestry company blends traditional forestry practices with indigenous priorities.

The first month of my placement focused mainly on tree planting, where we stocked harvested blocks with seedlings according to the spacing and species present before harvest. During the second month, we learned from experienced surveyors to perform silvicultural surveys on blocks of a variety of age classes. During these surveys, we collected data regarding tree height, age and health, brush data and block features in order to assess the sufficiency of restocking and prescribe appropriate management treatments. In the coming months, as wildfire season begins, we will be assigned a firefighting crew and participate in fire suppression and fuels management.

This placement has provided me with first-hand knowledge as to how a forestry company operates and has allowed me to apply my education in a hands-on setting. I am incredibly grateful for the experience I have gained, the beautiful places I get to visit and the amazing community I get to work with.

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