Olivia Sasson (Natural Resources Conservation)

Trees and Shrubs Sales Associate at Sky Nursery in Shoreline, Washington

Olivia holding shrubs and smiling at the camera.

During this co-op term, I worked at Sky Nursery in Shoreline, Washington, in the Trees and Shrubs Department. My responsibilities as a staff member in the Trees and Shrubs department of Sky Nursery involve receiving, processing, maintaining, and answering any questions regarding all the plant inventory within the department. This includes processing plants as they are delivered, pricing, planting, pruning, watering, and organizing the plant material. Which can be upwards of 7,000 plants in the department at a time. In addition to these tasks, I answer customer questions, recommend plants, and care tips, and aid with the identification of plants and various plant problems. I answer customer questions both in person and over the phone. These questions could relate to anything from ideal plant-soil conditions, to plant diseases/treatments, to landscaping advice. I also write articles for Sky Nursery’s website and blog. The aim of these articles is to present useful horticulture information to the public in an accessible way. Sky Nursery prides itself not only on its garden supply but also on the knowledge of its employees. People often come to the nursery not just to purchase plants but also for advice on subjects such as plant care, identification, and disease. As an employee, it is expected of me to absorb and be able to educate on as much information regarding trees and shrubs as possible. This makes my employment the perfect opportunity to keep the knowledge I have gained in my forestry classes fresh and expand upon it. By handling plants, listening to my co-workers share their decades of experience, or, on rainy days reading from the nursery library, I feel like I am always learning. It’s very rewarding to implement the knowledge I have gained in my education while helping people make their plants and gardens thrive.

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