Serena Sturton (Natural Resources Conservation)

Environmental Co-op with Teck Resources Limited in Hinton, AB

Serena standing on a hill and smiling.

This term I am working for Teck Resources Limited in their Coal Division as an Environmental Co-op Student at Cardinal River mine near Hinton, AB. Since 2020, the mine has been in closure meaning this once operational open-pit steelmaking coal mine is instead focused on reclamation. As a member of the Environmental team, I am heavily involved in the site’s reclamation projects and water management program. I spend the majority of my time working in the field, sampling, measuring and assessing surface water, soil, sediment, air quality, well depths, and dams. I am responsible for the environmental monitoring of compliance indicators including water and soil quality in support of site reclamation. In this role, I also have the opportunity to assist numerous consultants that visit the site to work on specialized projects. Some of the most notable experiences include conducting bathymetry surveys, fish and wildlife surveys, migratory bird inspections, raptor habitat assessments, bioassay sampling, flow monitoring, water treatment facility testing and monitoring and community engagement with local rightsholders and stakeholders. Working for Teck has opened my eyes to new possibilities for my future career and I have gained a better understanding of what active operational conservation projects look like. This co-op has offered such an incredible opportunity for me to grow professionally, intellectually and personally. UBC Forestry’s co-op program has given me opportunities I would otherwise not have had and has opened doors to work for world class companies like Teck, that are leaders of change in their respective industries.

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