Tabitha Maria Vinu (Natural Resources Conservation)

Forestry Field Technician with Apical Forestry in Grand Prairie, AB

Tabitha holding a branch and smiling.

For my first co-op term I had the opportunity to work as part of the research crew at Apical Forestry. Through this job I have been able to not only travel across Alberta for work but also to see and be a part of the forestry procedures done from planting all the way to measuring tree planted in the early 2000s . My summer started with progeny planting of genetically modified trees to find the most suitable families of GMO trees to be planted in cut blocks.  Recently I have been working on taking vegetation samples and data about vegetative cover for sheep grazing trials, that involves the use of Como plots to assess vegetation in grazed and ungrazed sites. This is to understand how effective sheep grazing can be for brushing recently planted sites. I have also been assigned to some shifts involving RPL maintenance and installations, tree DBH and height measurements for progeny audit and PSPs and verbenone installations. Working for a company that creates an excellent learning environment and being able to get experience in many different projects across Alberta has made this summer worthwhile and I cannot be more excited to see what other project I will be assigned to during the rest of the summer!

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