Xiwen Zhang (Urban Forestry)

Design Assistant at JLF Design Studio in Tianjin, China

Working in JLF Design Studio is a great opportunity for me. During the work term, my duty is to organize the material library and searching the new building materials. I applied the knowledge from lectures to select several sections for sorting out. For instance, sponge city, environmental protection, recycling, and so on. In addition, I have joined few greening designing programs in the commercial area. I was mainly responsible for contacting the person in charge of the gardens and ordering the plants needed for the projects. I have learned how to create a landscape with the right species, and the growing conditions of some local species in Tianjin, China. Recently, we are trying to arrange different vegetations to match different scenes and building materials.

It is a great experience to apply the knowledge I learned from lectures to real life, and learn more about my major.

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