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Other Admissions Pathways

Conditional Admissions Program

For academically outstanding students who do not yet meet UBC’s English Language Admission Standard

Students who have a strong record of academic achievement but do not yet meet the UBC English language requirement may be eligible for the Conditional Admission Program (CAP), which offers English language preparation leading to undergraduate degree programs.
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Admissions Pathway after Completion of a University Degree

This is your pathway if you already have a university degree. If you have a Bachelors degree from UBC or another university, you can use it as your basis of admission to the Faculty of Forestry. You must have achieved an overall minimum average of 60% or a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 in your most recent 60 credits of university work. The actual entrance GPA for each Faculty of Forestry program may be higher than the minimum average set by the University, due to competition for available space in the program.

As well as meeting the grade point admission requirements, you must also have the course prerequisites required by your program of choice. This might include high school courses and/or university level work.

Admissions Pathway for Unclassified Students

If you are interested in attending UBC in order to take undergraduate courses from the Faculty of Forestry, but do not wish to obtain an undergraduate degree, then you may qualify for admission as an unclassified student. In order to be eligible for admission to UBC as an unclassified student you must either:

  • hold a degree from an accredited university, or
  • have proof of registration as a Pupil or Allied Science Forester-in-Training (ASFIT) with the Association of BC Professional Foresters (ABCPF).

Once admitted as an unclassified student, you are welcome to take any undergraduate course offered by UBC, provided you meet the published course prerequisites. However, admission as an unclassified student does not guarantee space will be available in a course you wish to register for, nor does it imply future admission as a regular degree student.

For more information, please contact the Director of Student Services or check out UBC’s admission website.

Please check current application and document deadlines before applying to UBC.

Admissions Pathway for Distance Education Students

The Faculty of Forestry offers a number of undergraduate courses by distance education for anyone who is unable to attend classes on campus. All correspondence courses are offered through the Centre for Teaching and Learning Technology (CTLT).

In order to register for OLT courses, you must first be a UBC student. Please note that not every course is offered in every session. All distance education courses are a minimum of 7 months in length. You must meet the stated prerequisites and co-requisites for a course in order to be able to register.

Distance education courses are not intended for full-time degree students; however, the courses offered by OLT are fully accredited towards degree programs offered by the Faculty of Forestry.