Peter Arcese Receives 2021 Elliot Coues Award

Peter Arcese
Dr. Peter Arcese

UBC Forestry would like to congratulate Dr. Peter Arcese for winning the 2021 Elliott Coues Award from the American Ornithological Society (AOS).

Professor and Forest Renewal BC Chair in Conservation Biology in the Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences at UBC Forestry, Dr. Arcese’s research focuses on experimental testing of population demographics in line with conservation theory to conduct long-term studies of bird populations along the Pacific Coast of North America, the Northern Andes of South America, and East and West Africa.

Dr. Arcese’s Distinguished Career

Beginning his career in 1981, Dr. Arcese’s initial focus of study centred on island-nesting Song and Fox Sparrows. Works that are more recent include research on life-history evolution in response to climate, with findings that document a transition from migratory to residential life history in Fox Sparrows.

With research that has been incorporated by more than 100 researchers worldwide, Dr. Arcese has distinguished himself as a prominent expert in micro-evolutionary processes, inbreeding depression, population demography, and life history evolution. This data continues to serve as a valuable resource within the ornithological community.

A trusted academic with highly cited research, Dr. Arcese has edited three books, 15 chapters, and completed over 160 peer-reviewed papers. One of his most recent book chapters was featured in the textbook, Ornithology: Foundation, Analysis, and Application, and focuses on avian population structure.

Having served as Chair on the Board of the Nature Trust of British Columbia, as well as Councilor for the American Ornithologists’ Union, Dr. Arcese has long displayed outstanding commitment to outreach and service. Other noteworthy positions include his time spent as a federally appointed member of the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada, an editor of the Journal of Avian Biology, and a Fellow of AOS. Addressing his outstanding contributions as a professor, Dr. Arcese has mentored 54 graduate students and co-authored papers with 15 undergraduates at three universities.

About the Award

The AOS Elliott Coues Award honours researchers who have displayed innovative and outstanding contributions towards ornithological research. Winners of this award receive a medal and an honorarium in recognition of their work. The award is named after Elliott Coues, a founding member of the AOU and an internationally renowned ornithologist.

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