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Faride Unda


Forest Sciences Centre 4029
2424 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

work phone: 604-842-2696

My research experience encompasses all stages of engineering and phenotyping of plants, such as cloning (molecular biology), tissue culture, bacteria and plant transformations, gene expression analysis, plant growth and biomass characterization, and use of analytical equipment and microscopy techniques. The focus of my research is on engineering bioenergy crops to enhance the production of bio products and to reduce biomass recalcitrance during processing. During the past year, I was focused on teaching undergrad classes with the main goal of training students on molecular biology and biochemical analysis techniques. My mission in teaching is to engage students with the topics by relating them to current events and their application to solving modern problems of society.

Selected Publications

Faride Unda,Yaseen Mottiar,Elizabeth L. Mahon,Steven D. Karlen,Kwang Ho Kim,Dominique Loqué,Aymerick Eudes,John Ralph,Shawn D. Mansfield (2022). A new approach to zip-lignin: 3,4-dihydroxybenzoate is compatible with lignification New Phytologist 235 (1) 234-246
Marissa Lee, Jeff R Powell, Brad Oberle, Faride Unda, Shawn D Mansfield, Rhiannon Dalrymple, Jessica Rigg, William K Cornwell, Amy E Zanne (2022). Initial wood trait variation overwhelms endophyte community effects for explaining decay trajectories Functional Ecology 36(5)1243-1257
Mendel L Perkins, Mathias Schuetz, Faride Unda, Kent T Chen, Marcel B Bally, Jayesh A Kulkarni, Yifan Yan, Joana Pico, Simone D Castellarin, Shawn D Mansfield, A Lacey Samuels (2022). Monolignol export by diffusion down a polymerization-induced concentration gradient The Plant Cell 34 (5) 2080-2095
Kyra G Janot, Faride Unda, Shawn D Mansfield, Patrick T Martone (2022). Evolutionary patterns in chemical composition and biomechanics of articulated coralline algae Integrative and Comparative Biology icac021
Lisanne de Vries, Heather A MacKay, Rebecca A Smith, Yaseen Mottiar, Steven D Karlen, Faride Unda, Emilia Muirragui, Craig Bingman, Kirk Vander Meulen, Emily T Beebe, Brian G Fox, John Ralph, Shawn D Mansfield (2022). pHBMT1, a BAHD-family monolignol acyltransferase, mediates lignin acylation in poplar Plant Physiology 188 (2) 1014-1027
Elizabeth L Mahon, Lisanne de Vries, Soo-Kyeong Jang, Sandeep Middar, Hoon Kim, Faride Unda, John Ralph, Shawn D Mansfield (2022). Exogenous chalcone synthase expression in developing poplar xylem incorporates naringenin into lignins Plant Physiology 188 (2) 984-996
Samuel J Livingston, Eun Jeong Bae, Faride Unda, Michael G Hahn, Shawn D Mansfield, Jonathan E Page, A Lacey Samuels (2021). Cannabis glandular trichome cell walls undergo remodelling to store specialized metabolites Plant and Cell Physiology 62 (12) 1944-1962
Philippe Golfier, Olga Ermakova, Faride Unda, Emily K Murphy, Jianbo Xie, Feng He, Wan Zhang, Jan U Lohmann, Shawn D Mansfield, Thomas Rausch, Sebastian Wolf (2021). Distinct and Overlapping Functions of Miscanthus sinensis MYB Transcription Factors SCM1 and MYB103 in Lignin Biosynthesis International Journal of molecular sciences 22 (22) 12395
Gustavo Salgado Martins, Muhammad Yuliarto, Rudine Antes, Agung Prasetyo, Faride Unda, Shawn D Mansfield, Gary R Hodge, Juan Jose Acosta (2021). Wood and Pulping Properties Variation of Acacia crassicarpa A.Cunn. ex Benth. and Sampling Strategies for Accurate Phenotyping Forest 11 (10) 1043
Mendel L Perkins, Mathias Schuetz, Faride Unda, Rebecca A Smith, Richard Sibout, Natalie J Hoffmann, Darren CJ Wong, Simone D Castellarin, Shawn D Mansfield, Lacey Samuels (2020). Dwarfism of high‐monolignol Arabidopsis plants is rescued by ectopic LACCASE overexpression Plant direct 4 (9) eoo265
Letitia Da Ros, Faride Unda, Shawn D Mansfield (2020). Determination of Soluble Carbohydrates in Methods of Study Litter Decomposition: a practical guide Springer Nature
Marc J Champigny, Faride Unda, Oleksandr Skyba, Raju Y Soolanayakanahally, Shawn D Mansfield, Malcolm M Campbell (2020). Learning from methylomes: epigenomic correlates of Populus balsamifera traits based on deep learning models of natural DNA methylation Plant Biotechnology Journal 18 (6) 1361-1375
Cíntia L Ribeiro, Daniel Conde, Kelly M Balmant, Christopher Dervinis, Matthew G Johnson, Aaron P McGrath, Paul Szewczyk, Faride Unda, Christina A Finegan, Henry W Schmidt, Brianna Miles, Derek R Drost, Evandro Novaes, Carlos A Gonzalez-Benecke, Gary F Peter, J Gordon Burleigh, Timothy A Martin, Shawn D Mansfield, Geoffrey Chang, Norman J Wickett, Matias Kirst (2020). The uncharacterized gene EVE contributes to vessel element dimensions in Populus PNAS 117 (9) 5059-5066
Yao Xiao, Charleson Poovaiah, Faride Unda, Linnea Ritchie, Maria Dombrov, Caitlin Phalen, Amy Argyros, Heather Coleman (2020). Expression of the Trichoderma reesei expansin-like protein, swollenin, in poplar results in biomass with improved sugar release by enzymatic hydrolysis Biomass and Bioenergy 134: 105473
Jonathan La Mantia, Faride Unda, Carl J Douglas, Shawn D Mansfield, Richard Hamelin (2018). Overexpression of AtGolS3 and CsRFS in poplar enhances ROS tolerance and represses defense response to leaf rust disease Tree physiology 38 (3) 457-470
Faride Unda, Hoon Kim, Charles Hefer, John Ralph, Shawn D Mansfield (2017). Altering carbon allocation in hybrid poplar (Populus alba × grandidentata) impacts cell wall growth and development Plant Biotechnology Journal 15 (7) 865-878