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Nolan Bett


3605-2424 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z4

work phone: 604-822-4987

Research Areas:

My research background is in animal behaviour, ecology and conservation. I have focused on sensory perception in Pacific salmon, and how environmental stressors such as dams and fisheries can affect sensory-mediated behaviours. I am also interested in the scholarship of teaching and learning, and I have studied how students’ learning environments can influence their understanding of science and the scientific process. I have taught on a range of topics relating to biology and ecology, as well as the role of science in society. In my teaching, I aim to incorporate experiential learning and evidence-based teaching practices to facilitate student learning.

Selected Publications

Nolan N Bett, Scott G Hinch, Arthur L Bass, Douglas C Braun, Nicholas J Burnett, Matthew T Casselman, Steven J Cooke, S Matthew Drenner, Ahmed Gelchu, William L Harrower, Roxx Ledoux, Andrew G Lotto, Collin T Middleton, Vanessa Minke-Martin, David A Patterson, Wenming Zhang, David Z Zhu (2022). Using an integrative research approach to improve fish migrations in regulated rivers: a case study on Pacific Salmon in the Seton River, Canada Hydrobiologia 849: 385-405
Steven J Cooke, Graham D Raby, Nolan N Bett, Amy K Teffer, Nicholas J Burnett, Kenneth M Jeffries, Erika J Eliason, Eduardo G Martins, Kristina M Miller, David A Patterson, Vivian M Nguyen, Nathan Young, Anthony P Farrell, Scott G Hinch (2021). On conducting management-relevant mechanistic science for upriver migrating adult Pacific salmon Oxford University Press, UK
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Nolan N Bett, Scott G Hinch, Andrew H Dittman, Sang-Seon Yun (2016). Evidence of olfactory imprinting at an early life stage in pink salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) Scientific Reports 6: 36393
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Bett N.N., and S.G. Hinch. (2015). Attraction of migrating adult sockeye salmon to conspecifics in the absence of natal chemical cues Behavioural Ecology 26(4):1180-1187.
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Nolan N Bett (2011). Mother-infant relationships and infant development in captive grey-shanked douc langurs (Pygathrix cinerea) Vietnamese Journal of Primatology 5: 17-28