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Scott Wilson

Adjunct Professor

3004 Forest Sciences Centre
2424 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC, V6T1Z4


work phone: 604-813-2352

Research Areas:

  • Conservation of migratory species across the annual cycle
  • Impacts of land-use and climate change on species at macro-ecological scales
  • Impacts of agricultural practices on biodiversity
  • Development and application of demographic and population models


Use of Integrated Population Models to identify limiting stages of the annual cycle for migratory Species-at-Risk

Benefits of shade coffee agriculture for overwintering migratory birds in the Colombian Andes

Ecological predictors of sensitivity to habitat modification for migratory species during breeding and nonbreeding periods of the annual cycle

Using citizen science to identify priority areas for the conservation of threatened migratory and resident vertebrates in Latin America

Characteristics of farm landscapes that support bird, bat and amphibian diversity in agroecosystems of eastern Canada

How oceanic climate impacts marine bird diversity along the Pacific coast at multiple temporal scales

Impacts of urban and agricultural landscapes on the prevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in avian and mammalian taxa

Recent Publications