Faculty profile headshot photo of Yousry El-Kassaby

Yousry El-Kassaby

Professor, Quantitative Genetics/Genomics

Forest Sciences Centre
4603-2424 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

work phone: 604-822-1821

Research Areas:

Research Areas:

  • Tree domestication
  • Tree improvement delivery system
  • Seed orchards’ genetics
  • Tree breeding
  • Association genetics and genomic selection


Development of advanced generation seed orchard designs

In situ wood quality assessment

Seed orchard’s genetic efficiency

Seed dormancy

Association genetics of biofuel attributes

Genomic selection


International Union of Forest Research Organizations Scientific Achievement Award 2010
Professor Honoris Causa – The Czech University of Life Sciences Praue 2011
Canadian Forestry Scientific Achievement Award 2017

Selected Publications

331. F du Toit, NC Coops, B Ratcliffe, YA El-Kassaby, A Lucieer. (2023). Modelling internal tree attributes for breeding applications in Douglas-fir progeny trails using RPAS-ALS Sci Remote Sensing 7:100072
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