Online Micro-Certificate: Strategic Management for Sustainability

What is the Strategic Management for Sustainability Micro-Certificate?

The Strategic Management for Sustainability micro-certificate is designed in consultation with sustainability management professionals to give students applied tools that will allow them to work towards their organizational sustainability goals and expand their credentials as sustainability managers.

This micro-certificate responds to the growing pressure faced by businesses, governments, and civil society groups to align their operations with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy.

The micro-certificate on Strategic Management for Sustainability will provide students with practical skills to determine sustainability priorities, develop strategies to achieve their objectives and credibly report on their progress.

Why choose the Strategic Management for Sustainability Micro-Certificate?

Businesses, governments and civil society groups face growing pressure to disclose their sustainability objectives, plans and progress through platforms like the Global Reporting Initiative and Race to Zero. Accordingly, there has been a surge in job market demand for sustainability management professionals with demand expected to grow through 2030. This program is explicitly designed to build professional competencies and skills for the expanding sustainability management market whilst also giving mid-career professionals the tools to take on new roles in their existing organizations.

At present, many of the skills taught in this program are only available in expensive graduate programs in public policy or business administration that entail a time commitment and residency requirement that precludes broad participation. The Strategic Management for Sustainability micro-certificate offers an affordable, online and primarily asynchronous applied learning experience that is accessible to learners with limited time and professional development budgets.

What will you learn?

  • Prioritize sustainability objectives that align with your organization’s goals
  • Make a business case for sustainability to superiors/stakeholders
  • Map and engage with your stakeholders
  • Identify relevant third-party sustainability certifications
  • Construct a theory of change for a defined sustainability goal
  • Identify barriers to success and develop strategies to overcome them
  • Develop a social media strategy relevant to sustainability

Who should apply?

The Strategic Management for Sustainability micro-certificate will be of interest to professionals in the private, public or non-profit sectors whose job entails advancing sustainability within their organization. While learning outcomes are relevant across sectors, case studies will focus particularly on the natural resources sector. The program is also open to those considering new careers in sustainability management and seeking to develop core competencies in this field.

Employment Opportunities

  • Private sector (sustainability manager, ESG reporting manager, online reputation manager)
  • Consulting (sustainability consultant, sustainability project manager)
  • Finance (ESG analyst, responsible investment advisor)
  • Government (environmental management officer, social and environmental impact specialist, sustainability policy analyst)
  • Non-profit (sustainability campaigner, action facilitator)
  • Academia (sustainability projects coordinator)