Program Instructor

Dr. Haibo Feng

Haibo Feng

Dr. Haibo Feng received his PhD training in UBC Civil Engineering in the field of Sustainable Construction. He was an Assistant Professor for over 2 years at Northumbria University in the UK before joining the Department of Wood Science at UBC Forestry. He also worked in the construction industry for over 6 years on construction management and sustainable building design.

Dr. Feng’s research area is in green building, building information modelling, life cycle assessment and building energy and carbon performance. He has extensive industrial and research experience in promoting sustainable building construction with the integration of advanced building systems and renewable energy supports. He has practical knowledge of various building rating systems including LEED, BREEAM, Passive House, BC Energy STEP Code, Zero Carbon Building, and EnerGuide. His work focuses on integrating innovative technologies into sustainable building design to achieve low-carbon buildings with the consideration of social and economic impacts. He is particularly interested in using mass timber products to promote zero-carbon timber frame buildings. He also has extensive local and global experience in sustainable building design and construction management. He will continue his research on the development of the Sustainable Built Environment Centre.