Graduation Requirements and Timeline

Master of Forestry TRANSFOR-M students are registered at UBC for a minimum of two years. Within that time, one year is spent on exchange at your chosen European partner university and one year is spent at UBC-Vancouver. It is important to note that none of the course work or research completed as part of the TRANSFOR-M program’s European degree will be accepted as credit towards the UBC Master of Forestry (MF) degree. However, UBC MF degree credits may be accepted as transferrable toward the European degree.

Registration Timeline

Year One (September to August)
MF students register at UBC but spend the year in Europe at their chosen TRANSFOR-M partner institution and complete that institution’s Master’s program degree requirements (dual registration). UBC registration will be FRST 548 Major Essay.

Year Two (September to April)
MF students return to UBC and complete a total of 30 credits to qualify for MF degree conferral: either a 3-credit major essay with 27 credits of approved course work or a 6-credit major essay with 24 credits of approved course work. Course work must include FRST 544 (Technical Communications). FRST 547 (Forestry in BC) is strongly recommended for students from outside of British Columbia or without a UBC Forestry undergraduate degree, and FRST 545 (Technical Writing) is also recommended. MF graduation is expected in the Spring, but continued registration through to August or December is allowed if further time is approved by the Program Director (continuing tuition is assessed for extra terms).

* Flexibility may be offered for students to complete their UBC MF requirements in Year One and go to Europe in Year Two. Please discuss this option with the UBC TRANSFOR-M Director during your interview.

Course Descriptions
Years One and Two

  • FRST 548: Major Essay
  • The Major Essay provides MF students the opportunity to undertake independent study in an approved topic developed under the guidance and direction of a UBC Forestry faculty member who has expertise in that area. Unlike a thesis project, the Major Essay does not involve original research and is not overseen by a supervisory committee. The Major Essay may take the form of a Case Study or Normative essay. Refer to the Forestry Writing Guidebook for more details.

Year Two

  • FRST 544 (3 credits): Technical (Oral) Communications


Other course work:

  • In addition to the Major Essay and core courses, students select other courses in consultation with the Program Director.
  • As part of their course selection, students may register in up to 6 credits of Directed Study under the supervision of a UBC faculty member. A directed study permits graduate students to pursue a previously studied topic in greater depth. It may also be used to substitute for a traditional course that is not offered. A content outline is developed through consultation between the student and the instructor or supervising faculty member, to suit the needs and interests of the student and the special competence of the instructor. Please see Directed Study Approval Form.

Major Essay and/or Directed Study may be based on the same topic as the thesis component of the student’s European degree. However, all work submitted to UBC for credit within the MF program must be based on original material written under supervision by a UBC faculty member.