Julie Aeyelts

Aeyelts, Julie

Having moved from rural Alberta to Vancouver in my early 20’s, I now call British Columbia home. In 2010 I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Douglas College, and completed my Advanced Specialty Certificate in Emergency Nursing from BCIT in 2011. The first few years of my career were heavily clinically based, working in Canada and New Zealand in both smaller community and large urban ER’s. In 2016 I began to expand my horizons, and was fortunate to have the opportunity to work in various remote and rural communities throughout BC. This has remained a significant part of my nursing practice, and the experiences have influenced my decision to apply for the MIF program. In 2018 I realized a long term goal when I was accepted by Doctors Without Borders (Médecins sans frontières) and spent 7 months working in South Sudan supervising a large outpatient department. This was followed with 3 months in the Middle East in 2020, working in a camp for people displaced by conflict. Having seen the complex relationship between people, health, and the natural world and ecosystems around them, I was intrigued and motivated to explore this more. As I have always felt passionate about environmental issues, climate change, and human rights, the MIF seemed like an excellent fit to steer my career in this direction. While I do not yet know exactly how this will look, I am excited for the opportunities and can’t wait to see what this experience brings. In my free time I love to be outside, soaking up all that I can. I enjoy trail running, ski touring, cycling, and kayaking.

Shuo Chen

Chen, Shuo (Eric)

My name is Shuo Chen, and I was born in Anyang, China. I studied commerce at the University of Manitoba, then I fell in love with environmental studies and moved to Vancouver. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Natural Resources Conservation) degree, majoring in science and management at UBC. Through my study at the forestry faculty, I learned field research skills and knowledge that can be employed to address conservation issues. I also received advanced training in field methods that were used by practitioners to study the ecosystem. Forest-based businesses and environmental finance gradually became my interest in my senior year, and I’m eager to learn more in the MIF program. I had an internship at the China Beijing Environmental Exchange carbon trading center in 2019. It was an excellent opportunity to work with experts on carbon finance from different countries. I also participated in the policy research on energy-saving and green transformation of Beijing’s public buildings during my internship. I enjoy spending my spare time camping, hiking, and playing basketball with friends. I also love fashion; currently, I’m in J2&Sneakerbox as a sales associate.

Yinhao Fan

Fan, Yinhao (Felix)

I am from Wuxi, a beautiful city nourished by the Yangtze River of China. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources Conservation from UBC, Faculty of Forestry. I like to apply my knowledge in different fields and enrich my work experience. I have worked at Nanjing Agriculture University to study Wild Freshwater Drum (Aplodinotus grunniens) in order to facilitate its local domestication; I have worked as a member of the Chinese government’s sub-compartment investigation group to manage landscape changes; I have also worked for WWF to draft a background paper about Conferences of the Parties. During my leisure time, I usually play some sports and watch movies. I join the MIF family since I am eager to broaden my view on nature issues and looking forward to gaining a better understanding of sustainable development.

Guo, Ziyang (Larry)

Rayyan Hussain

Hussain, Rayyan

Hi! I am originally from Bengaluru, India and moved to Vancouver BC in 2016 to study Forest sciences at the Faculty of Forestry, UBC. My interests in urban green spaces and environmental economics led me to join MIF. Through this program, I would like to gain skills in management and financing of natural resources to create sustainable outcomes that are better for the people and the planet. I also hope to broaden my network with professionals in the field of sustainable development and business. As part of my professional experience, I have worked for Greenways Land Trust Campbell River, BC as a conservation projects assistant and for the City of Richmond as a children’s nature camps leader. Aside from work and school, I enjoy cooking, singing and photography.

Yuhong Miao

Miao, Yuhong

I am originally from Hangzhou, China, the capital city of Zhejiang Province. I came to Canada in 2016 and graduated from the University of Toronto in June 2020, with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree and a double major in Environmental Studies and Human Geography. I also have a background in business management. I have a broad interest in sustainable development-related topics and completed several research projects regarding electronic waste management in China during my undergrad. I joined the MIF program since I wish to continue exploring my interests in sustainable development. I hope to work as a policy analyst or project consultant in environmental organizations in the future, to help with the development and negotiation of sustainability policies, and assist with the implementation of sound forest governance. I love hiking, and I visited five Canadian National Parks and five Ontario Provincial Parks during my undergrad. Besides that, I love playing soccer and volleyball.

Teresa Ka Wing Tsui

Tsui, Ka Wing (Teresa)

Born and raised in Hong Kong, a glamourous city where various landscapes and rich biodiversity co-exist, I have always been interested in striking a balance between urban development and environmental conservation. My interests in forestry have grown as I studied at the University of Hong Kong, majoring in Environmental Science and Geography. With my undergraduate studies and work experiences, I have learnt to understand the role of forest in terms of ecology, climate, economy, and culture and been nurtured to be a dedicated, passionate, and outgoing person. In the coming year, I look forward to learning professional skills to address global forest issues and I would like to devote my passion and knowledge in forest conservation and natural resources management in my future.

Peiyue Yan

Yan, Peiyue

I’m originally from Qingdao in China. This is my eighth year in Canada. I finished my high school and pre-university study in Montreal. Recently, I just completed my bachelor’s degree in natural resource conservation. My undergraduate study taught me a rational, science-based thinking system and hardcore skills to solve conservation problems, which I think is challenging and interesting. Based on my internships and volunteering work in both North America and East Asia, I also realize that all I am going to do is practice interdisciplinary science to deal with environmental challenges. Needless to mention that future forestry careers require a more comprehensive understanding of social, economic and ecological approaches to problems. And I really want to gain life experience, visions from different dimensions and deeper thinking. As a practitioner of international forestry, I should have the ability to use scientific theories to influence the outcome of policymaking and management. And then to help vulnerable group for their well-being. This is why I believe MIF could provide cross-border courses and bring all the possibilities to world issues from an objective perspective.

Si Jia Zhu

Zhu, Si Jia (Scarlett)

Born in Suzhou, China, a city where everyone eats everything with sugar and loves glutinous rice related food. Graduated from Global Perspective Major at Forestry in 2019 and started working at retail stores. Part-time dancer and tutor to make life busier. Love sports and outdoor activities except for any ball-related games. Possess a great passion for nature and have decided to join the MIF Program. Hope to make some changes in the world with the knowledge I learn.

Zhenxi Zhu

Zhu, Zhenxi (Fred)

During my undergraduate years in UBC, my study focused on the operational aspects of forestry because I wish to make real changes on the ground. As a co-op student, I have worked in The Forest Trust, a non-profit organization which assists companies to improve sustainability in their supply chains. This experience helped me to understand the amount of positive impact sustainable forestry practices can make and how forestry practices are regulated and supported internationally. I joined the MIF program to learn how to see forestry from a global perspective and to find my role in overcoming the forest challenges that exist today. Instead of having a set goal for my career, I believe in being adaptive because like forestry practices, the job market is also changing continuously. I enjoy having coffee, reading novels, and having conversations.