Nia Misiak (Forest Resources Management)

Junior Forestry Technician with Integrated ProAction Corp. in Kamloops, BC

Nia Misiak, UBC Forestry Co-op Student,  is standing in a forest while wearing safety gear and smiling.

For my first Co-op term, I have been working at Integrated ProAction Corp (IPAC) as a Junior Forestry Technician. During this term I have become familiar in various areas of site assessment such as stream and old growth deferral area classification. I have also gained experience with ecosystem mapping which includes creating site plan plots and mapping areas based on silviculture prescription plot information. Another area within forestry that has been a key point of my focus while working at IPAC has been layout and development. This includes cut block and road layout along with timber cruising. Within cut blocks, I work on riparian management zones based on forest stewardship plans and forest planning and practices regulations requirements. I also perform timber cruises and old growth deferral area classification cruising. This Co-op term has allowed me to improve skills in areas such as road layout and cruising that I learned in classes at UBC and explore the different areas of forestry that I would be interested in pursuing in the future.

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