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Changing Your Program or Campus

Are you interested in environmental issues, resource management, wood engineering or sustainability?  Looking for an interdisciplinary, hands-on education that balances knowledge with career-oriented experience?  Do you want be a part of a small community of committed, passionate students and faculty?  The Faculty of Forestry at UBC Vancouver has it all!  We offer innovative Bachelor of Science degrees in many different areas.
If you are currently registered at UBC and wish to change your degree program or campus, you may do so online at the UBC Student Service Centre between Sept 1 and January 31. Under the heading ‘Applications’ select ‘Change of Degree Program/Campus’. There is a $64.25 non-refundable application fee to change degree program or campus.
If you miss the deadline to apply to transfer, please contact our advising staff at

UBC Transfer Testimonials

I constantly sought out adventures in the outdoors, and realized not only how important the natural environment is in my life, but how I would love a career that allows me to keep exploring and adventuring. Switching into the Faculty of Forestry is allowing me to do just that. There’s nothing like learning while standing knee deep in mud, or on top of a mountain…  The world is my classroom!
– Lisa Erdle, Sauder School of Business to Natural Resources Conservation

Transferring from UBC Science to the Wood Products Processing program has been a practical and rewarding choice. With small class sizes, an abundance of resources and excellent facilities, the learning experience is complete and enjoyable as you work closely with both peers and professors. The WPP program covers a healthy balance of the different scholastic areas of science, engineering, and commerce. Coupled with the co-op option, students gain work experience in their field of interest and and are guided towards their strengths and passion.
– Dan Borslein, Faculty of Science to Wood Products Processing

Transferring into Forestry from Sciences at UBC was one of the smartest things I have ever done! Forestry is so multifaceted, integrating the study of biology and ecology with relevant social and economic issues. It was refreshing to discover a small faculty with a great sense of community, where I could enjoy the outdoors and apply my scientific knowledge.
– Sarah Braun, Faculty of Science to Forest Sciences

On the first day of a required science class, the professor stood at the front of the class of about 250 students and said that we would never need to know any of the stuff we were about to learn unless we decided to teach the course. In Forestry, I can honestly say that I have never felt that way about any material I have covered.
– Alyssa Alidina, Faculty of Science to Natural Resources Conservation

Applying for Readmission to UBC

If you previously attended UBC and are not currently registered, you can apply for readmission online at the UBC Student Service Centre. You will need your student ID and your password in order to log into the Student Service Centre.

Program Credential Application Deadline Document Deadline
Forest Operations BSF (Forest Operations) Jan 31 Jun 30
Forest Resources Management BSF (Forest Resources Management) Jan 31 Jun 30
Forest Science BSc (Forest Sciences) Jan 31 Jun 30
Natural Resources Conservation BSc (Natural Resources Conservation) Jan 31 Jun 30
Wood Products Processing BSc (Wood Products Processing) Jan 31 Jun 30
Urban Forestry Bachelor of Urban Forestry Jan 31 Jun 30
Forest Bioeconomy Sciences and Technology BSc (Forest Bioeconomy Sciences and Technology) Jan 31 Jun 30

Please see the UBC Calendar for more details on faculty transfer.