Historically there has been a strong demand for highly motivated and well-educated individuals in all aspects of forest resources management. As greater legal responsibility falls to professional foresters, the already good career prospects become even brighter. Natural resources managers are in demand throughout British Columbia, Canada, North America, and other parts of the world.
There are many specialties within forestry, and the Forest Resources Management program prepares graduates for a variety of roles. Forest resources managers develop plans and strategies to ensure the long-term availability of wood, protection from forest pests and fire, and ensure that harvesting is environmentally sound. They work to enhance recreational opportunities, to protect the quality of lakes, rivers and streams, and to sustain the diversity of wildlife populations and habitat. Most importantly, resource managers work to resolve conflicts among forest users.
Employment opportunities for graduates exist with:

  • The B.C. provincial government (the Ministry of Forests, the Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management, and the Ministry of Water, Air, and Land Protection)
  • The federal government (Canadian Forest Service)
  • The forest industry and forestry consulting firms
  • Forest products companies
  • Environmental consulting firms
  • Forestry education organizations
  • Related professional careers such as teaching, engineering, consulting, and law.

The majority of our graduates become Registered Professional Foresters (RPFs) and work in some aspect of forest resources management. Professional foresters are the province’s forest managers. They assess the impact of every action on the forests and are legally responsible for planning and approving all activities.
Possible career options include: