Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources

The Faculty of Forestry enables students to choose from 6 majors within the Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources, each providing a well-rounded education in unique fields of Natural Resource studies.  With immersive learning experiences, from field schools and lab work, to co-op opportunities, students gain practical knowledge and skills that are critical for solving our most pressing natural resource challenges. With a diverse range of programs to choose from, students can explore their interests and find the best program fit for their career goals.

Major in Bioeconomy Sciences and Technology

Bioeconomy Sciences and Technology

Equips students with expertise in cutting-edge technologies and manufacturing techniques, to create environmentally sustainable and innovative products utilizing renewable natural resources.

Major in Conservation


Involves the interdisciplinary study of conservation, planning and management of renewable natural resources, providing a thorough understanding of function, process and structure of natural ecosystems, and an appreciation for political, legal and socioeconomic contexts which affect design and outcomes of conservation strategies.

Major in Forest Management

Forest Management

Provides a working knowledge of the characteristics of forest resources and the ways in which they can be managed to yield a socially desirable mix of goods and services.

Major in Forest Operations

Forest Operations

Provides broad coverage of the biological, physical and social sciences upon which forest resource management is based, with additional emphasis on the operational aspects of forestry.

Major in Forest Sciences

Forest Sciences

Study the scientific principles of forestry and ecology with the unique opportunity to specialize in an aspect of forest science of your choosing.

Major in Wood Products

Wood Products

Equips students with expertise in sustainable and innovative techniques for designing, developing, and manufacturing high-quality wood products.