Congratulations to the 2022/23 recipients of the Binkley Family Graduate Scholarship

Scholarships totaling approximately $15,000 are awarded annually to one outstanding student in each of the Faculty of Forestry’s Professional Master’s programs (MGEM, MIF, MSFM, and MUFL). Eligibility criteria include high academic standing, as well as demonstrating exceptional engagement and leadership within their cohort.

Congratulations to the 2022/23 recipients of the Binkley Family Graduate Scholarship:

Melissa Birch


Melissa Birch: MGEM is thrilled to announce Melissa as this year’s recipient of the Binkley Family Graduate Scholarship. Her academic success is evident through her participation in class and office hours, and through continually asking questions that demonstrate deep understanding of the material. Melissa highlights leadership through empathic listening, ensuring that all voices get heard, and advocating on behalf of her classmates. Melissa is understanding, compassionate, open-minded and approachable.  She fully embodies what is means to be a Binkley Award Winner.

Rory Read


Rory Read: Unanimously selected by the faculty of MIF. Rory achieved the highest program-wide GPA average among his cohort. He has demonstrated a diversity of leadership styles, all of which advance the inclusivity and cohesion of the MIF family-style cohort. He brings creativity and critical perspectives to the learning environment, constructively challenging his colleagues. Leading from the front, leading by interrogating consensus, leading by eliciting the inputs of others, leading by aspiring for betterment of his colleagues and for their contribution to society, are all ways in which Rory deserves the prestigious Binkley award.

Pauline Flottat


Pauline Flottat: Pauline is a model for professionalism in the MSFM program and exemplifies the qualities of Binkley award recipients. She emerged as a clear leader through high academic achievement combined with productive engagement in all class and team activities which addressed the complexities of forest management.

Clara Jeanroy


Clara Jeanroy: Clara joined our Master of Urban Forestry Leadership program while finalizing another master’s degree. Despite these challenging circumstances and heavy workload, Clara has remained engaged, positive, and kind. She maintains a high-grade point average while contributing to a collegial classroom environment. Her questions are thoughtful and encourage us to look deeper into how urban forestry can contribute to better city life. She brings a love of learning to the classroom that inspires us all to embrace the complexities of urban greening and aspire to do our best.

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