Congratulations to the Recipient of the 2022/23 Gordon and Nora Bailey Fellowship Award

Congratulations to Sarah Smith-Tripp, 2022/23 recipient of the Gordon and Nora Bailey Fellowship in Sustainable Forestry!

Sarah Smith-Tripp

About Sarah

Sarah considers herself an interdisciplinary ecosystem scientist with a passion for landscape management. Understanding the complexity of successful landscape management, Sarah has prioritized gaining a diverse research background, with research projects that include deep-ocean carbon sequestration and climate adaptations of herders in Mongolia. She is most interested in landscape responses after dramatic and catastrophic disturbances. As a result, her Ph.D. work investigates patterns of forest growth after disturbances such as fire and harvest. She specializes in remote-sensing techniques to assess forest structure using technologies like lidar (light detection and ranging), DAP (digital aerial photogrammetry) alongside satellite imagery. The overall aim of Sarah’s work is to provide forest managers with accessible and accurate tools to characterize growth after catastrophic disturbances in our novel and rapidly changing climate conditions. Applications of her research include monitoring and predicting future forest health – particularly the large areas affected by the 2017, 2018, and 2021 fire seasons.

About the Gordon and Nora Bailey Fellowship Award

Gordon and Nora Bailey Fellowship in Sustainable Forestry have been made available annually through an estate gift from Gordon Bailey (1930-2020) and Nora Bailey (1925-2017), for graduate students in the Faculty of Forestry whose studies focus on issues related to climate change mitigation and adaptation, such as sustainable forest management practices, wildfire prevention and carbon capture.

Originally from England, Gordon (M.F. 1964, Ph.D. 1970) and his wife Nora settled in British Columbia, where Gordon pursued his graduate degrees at UBC. He worked in the British Columbia forestry sector, both in government and the private sector, throughout his working life. As a student recipient of scholarship support, Gordon understood the impact of such support and left a gift in his will to support the next generation of researchers working to enhance the health and sustainability of our forests and address climate change issues.

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