Stavros Avramidis Awarded 2022 Carola and Carl-Olof Ternryd Award

UBC Forestry warmly congratulates Prof. Stavros Avramidis, recipient of the 2022 Linnaeus Academy Research Foundation’s Carola and Carl-Olof Ternryd Award, for significant contributions to research in forestry.

Professor Avramidis’ Accomplishments

Professor Stavros Avramidis

Prof. Avramidis, Head of the Department of Wood Science, is acknowledged for his extensive work in the fields of wood physics and wood drying.  A leading researcher in radio frequency vacuum drying and, in his field, Prof. Avramidis’ research has advanced wood sciences through the study of wood-water relationships, water sorption and diffusion, processes for non-destructive timber evaluation, and various wood drying methods. On top of his role as professor, Prof. Avramidis has authored close to 300 publications, held the role of reviewer for numerous scientific journals, publishers, research foundations, faculty, and departments, and is the elected President of the International Academy of Wood Science (IAWS) effective June 2023.

Linnaeus Academy Research Foundation will be presenting the award to Prof. Avramidis in an Oct. 20, 2022 award ceremony in Växjö, Sweden. Research groups at Linnaeus University are looking forward to long-term collaboration and advancements in the forestry and wood science fields alongside Prof. Avramidis.

About the Award

The Carola and Carl-Olof Ternryd Award is delegated by the Linnaeus Academy Research Foundation at Linnaeus University. This award has been given every two years since 2016. A portion of the award goes to the recipient and the other part goes to the Faculty of Technology at Linnaeus University to use for research collaboration projects.

About Linnaeus University

Linnaeus University is located in Växjö and Kalmar, Sweden. Its Faculty of Technology has a cutting-edge Department of Forestry and Wood Technology. With their campuses surrounded by some of the most important areas in Europe for forestry, they have an emphasis on sustainable use.

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