Faculty profile headshot photo of Keunhyun Park

Keunhyun Park

Assistant Professor, Urban Forest Design

Forest Sciences Centre 4615
2424 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

work phone: 604-827-0191

I completed bachelor’s and master’s degrees in landscape architecture at Seoul National University and a Ph.D. degree in urban planning and design at the University of Utah. Before joining UBC, I was an assistant professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at Utah State University.

I conduct behavioural research through spatial data analytics and digital technologies. Ultimately, my research aims to understand how to design healthy, just, and resilient cities through urban nature.

Selected Publications

Park, K., Rigolon, A., Choi, D., Lyons, T., & Brewer, S. (2021). Transit to parks: An environmental justice study of transit access to large parks in the US West Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 60, 127055
Park, K. (2020). Park and neighborhood attributes associated with park use: An observational study using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) Environment & Behavior 52(5): 518–543
Park, K., Ewing, R., Sabouri, S., Choi, D., Hamidi, S., & Tian, G. (2020). Guidelines for a polycentric region to reduce vehicle use and increase walking and transit use Journal of the American Planning Association 86 (2): 236-249
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Choi, D., Park, K., & Rigolon, A. (2020). From XS to XL urban nature: Examining access to different types of green space using a “just sustainabilities” framework Sustainability 12: 6998
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