Land One Student Q&A

Transitioning into university can be overwhelming. The Land One program, offered by the Faculty of Forestry and Faculty of Land and Food Systems, is a different and immersive way of experiencing your first year at UBC. The cohort option eases your transition to university and builds a strong connection to your home faculty through the relationships you’ll develop with your peers and instructors.

Considering Land One? Continue reading to get to know the benefits of the program from current student, Ronan Sheppard!

Q: Introduce yourself, tell us a little bit about you!

“My name is Ronan, I’m 19 years old, from Alberta, and I have a deep passion for the environment! I came to UBC to study in the Faculty of Forestry as I wanted to have a career that could benefit the environment.”

Q: Why did you choose the Land One program?

“I chose the Land One program because it looked like a great opportunity to create connections with other students and provide a better transition from high school into university with the small class sizes and field trips!”

Q: What have you gained from the Land One program?

“I have gained many close connections with other students as well as many fun experiences such as a field trip to the Malcolm Knapp Research Forest with the Land One cohort.”

Q: How has the program prepared you for the next steps in your academic career?

“The program has prepared me for the next steps of my academic career through guest lectures that gave me insight into the later years of university as well as all the unique career paths within Forestry as well as Land and Food Systems.”

Q: What are some of your favourite parts of the Land One experience?

“My favourite part of the Land One experience would have to be the small classes. They’re like learning with a big group of friends, and the small class experience really improved my learning!”

Q: What was the application process like?

“The application process took me about an hour and involved me explaining a bit about myself and why I was interested in the program. Overall it was exciting as it was one of the first steps I took in my university journey after being accepted!”

Q: Do you have any advice for students who might be interested in this program or are unsure about the transition into university?

“My advice would be to try to meet, and talk to as many people as you can. Take the opportunity to do Jump Start if possible, as it allowed me to meet so many people and gave me a very relaxed introduction to university life.”

Q: What are your future academic plans following the Land One program?

“My future academic plans include applying to the co-op program, as well as potentially applying to study abroad as I want to see what work in my field will be like, and also travel while learning!”

Interested in Land One?

Incoming students are encouraged to attend one of the information sessions on April 27 or May 10 for more information!

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