Office of the Dean


John Innes

Dr John Innes
The Dean of Forestry is the chief academic and administrative officer of the Faculty.
For appointments please contact Caryn Horii

Phone: 604-822-6761

Associate Dean, Academic

Robert Kozak

Dr Robert A Kozak
Responsible for administering all aspects of Forestry undergraduate academic programs.
Phone: 604-822-2402

Associate Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Yousry El-Kassaby

Dr Yousry El-Kassaby
Responsible for administering all aspects of Forestry graduate and postdoctoral studies.
Phone: 604-822-1821

Associate Dean, Research and Innovation

Associate Dean, Equity and Inclusion

Sarah Gergel

Dr Sarah Gergel
Responsible for promoting equity and diversity in the Faculty.
Phone: 604-822-5163

Assistant Dean, Communications

Susan Gagnon

Susan Gagnon
Responsible for the strategic direction and implementation of the Faculty’s communications and marketing initiatives, both internal and external.
Phone: 604-827-1432

Assistant Dean, Development & Alumni Engagement

Emma Tully

Emma Tully
Responsible for overseeing the fundraising and alumni engagement activities in support of the Faculty’s strategic goals.
Phone: 604-822-8716

Assistant Dean, Professional Education and International Collaboration

Jorma Neuvonen

Jorma Neuvonen
Responsible for oversight of professional masters programs, and management and development of professional customized training programs and international collaborations.
Phone: 604-822-2807

Associate Dean, Asian Strategies

Guangyu Wang

Dr Guangyu Wang
Responsible for collaboration in forestry education and research with Asian Pacific countries.
Phone: 604-822-2681

Graduate Communications & Mentoring

Sue Watts

Dr Susan B Watts RPF (Ret)
Responsible for mentoring and teaching of communication skills to Forestry students
Phone: 604-822-6316