Alumni Stories

One of the common questions asked by our alumni is “What happened to my classmates after graduation?” Our students wonder “What can I do with my degree?” Explore the options below.

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In Honour of Dr. John Worrall

Apr 30, 2024
Dr. John Worrall, a cherished UBC Forestry faculty member, is remembered for his unconventional teaching methods and generosity. He left a lasting impact on students and colleagues and his legacy lives on through awards and bursaries supporting student learning in his name.

Green Investing

Dec 11, 2022
UBC Forestry alumnus, David Brand, knows the value of forests well. A strong believer in the principles of sustainable forest management, David founded his company, New Forests, to create opportunities within the forestry sector for communities to transition to a greener and more sustainable future.

The JEDI Story Behind Forest(Reads)

Jul 14, 2022
Forest(Reads) introduces UBC Forestry faculty, staff, students and interested individuals to JEDI topics through a literary lens. The inaugural Forest(Reads), coordinated by grad student Arial Eatherton, involved events surrounding Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants by Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer.

Growing the BC Big Tree Registry

Jul 12, 2022
“We’ve built the registry to be inclusive so that anybody who wants to participate and nominate a tree can do so, but we also carefully verify each measurement,” says Ira Sutherland, who chairs the BC Big Tree Registry Committee and is pursuing a Ph.D. in historical ecology at UBC Forestry under Assoc. Prof. Jeanine Rhemtulla.

Making Smart Conservation Decisions: Tara Martin takes ecosystem-wide approach to species protection

Jul 11, 2022
“Our framework is transparent, repeatable and robust to uncertainty, and will deliver costed portfolios of options which inform how to recover and protect the places and species we care most about with the least impact to societies and the economy,” says Tara, who holds the UBC Liber Ero Chair in Conservation.

Beyond Measure: Professor Peter Marshall

Jul 10, 2022
A captivation with the outdoors attracted Prof. Emeritus Peter Marshall to forestry, but a love of teaching kept him transfixed for over four decades. A much-beloved professor of forest measurements and biometrics – and recipient of the ABCFP Distinguished Forest Professional award – Peter shares what he learned throughout his career and his enduring passion for the profession.

Fires and Floods: Future-proofing forestry against climate catastrophes

Jun 29, 2022
Looking at the tall trees visible from the UBC Forestry offices, Lori Daniels reflects on the environmental firestorm that future generations could face.

From Engineer to ‘Wood Nerd’

Jun 28, 2022
“Sometimes people bug me about being a wood nerd; but, I like that I can now identify why, for example, one type of wood will give an even coat of finish or why certain types of wood last longer in wet conditions,” says UBC Forestry’s graduate from the 2022 Wood Products Processing program, Melissa Vincent.

2022 Alumni Builder Award Winner Shares His Secret to Success

May 13, 2022
Some lessons demand experience to be understood. For Arthur Tsai, testing his limits helped him realize not only what he was capable of, but a path that led him to complete both a BSc in Wood Science and Industry and MSc in Forestry at UBC, as well as achieve success heading Paper Excellence's market intelligence team.

Where the Waters Meet

Apr 25, 2022
A TA’s award-winning work keeps compassion flowing.