Younes Alila and Lydia Braam Receive AMS Just Desserts Award

UBC Forestry wishes to congratulate Professor Younes Alila (Forest Resources Management) and Lydia Braam (Student Engagement Officer) for winning the AMS Just Desserts Award.

About Younes

Younes Alila

Younes’ current research program addresses a number of problems related to watershed management using an approach that combines experimental, theoretical, stochastic, and deterministic hydrology across a wide range of temporal and spatial scales. His research focuses on the understanding and modelling of the physical basis underlying the “nonlinear nature” of hydrologic processes as affected by the geometric, temporal and spatial scaling of stream networks, precipitation dynamics, soil characteristics, land use and land cover. Younes research program is designed to provide scientifically-based information, knowledge and expert advice that promote sound policies, solve urgent operational problems and provide a solid foundation on which to build sustainable forest and water resources management in British Columbia.

About Lydia

Lydia’s work focuses on enhancing student life by helping students find and connect with experiential learning, leadership, and career development opportunities that are meaningful to them. She leads the Forestry Orientation and Transition program, the Forestry Tri-Mentoring Program, Peer-Assisted Study Sessions, and also provides one-on-one involvement advising for students looking to get involved, master new skills and take on new and interesting challenges.

Lydia holds a B.A. from the University of Guelph in International Development, with a concentration in Environment and Development, and an M.Ed. in Adult Learning & Global Change from UBC.

About the AMS Just Desserts Award

The Just Desserts Award honours faculty, staff, and/or students who have gone above and beyond in their service to an AMS constituency.

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