Tri-Mentoring is a unique experience for students to connect with peers and industry mentors while exploring career interests and gaining practical communication, networking, and career savvy skills.

Mentors gain the satisfaction of positively contributing to the confidence and development of the next generations of professionals.

We are currently accepting Mentor Applications for the 2021-2022 program year!

For the 2020-21 academic year, the Tri-Mentoring Program was offered in an online-based format in adherence with provincial health guidelines. This space will be updated with information about the 2021-2022 format when more guidance is given regarding on-campus activities and gatherings.

Video created by Forestry Student Services and Alumni Office

Benefits for Students

  • Build connections and a sense of community in the faculty
  • Explore who you want to become and receive guidance on how to get there
  • Gain confidence and learn to market yourself

Benefits for Mentors

  • Self-reflect and share life lessons and stories
  • Develop, strengthen, and role model your coaching skills
  • Join a group of mentors who share similar values and increase your professional networks

Meet some of our current mentors

What people are saying about the program

“The conversations we had boosted my confidence in my abilities, and I always felt like I believed in myself a little more after our encounters. The mentor went above and beyond what I expected.” – Mentee, 2018-19

“I recommend the Tri-Mentoring Program to any forestry student; whether a first-year, fifth/sixth-year, international or domestic student. It provides a platform to meet like-minded people who are curious, motivated and knowledgeable to both collaborate with and learn from.” – Mentee, 2018-19

The program helps me better understand what the students are learning, the challenges they face, and keeps me connected with UBC – Mentor, 2019-20

“I chose to and plan to always participate in the Tri-Mentoring program as it provides so many opportunities. From meeting and connecting with new people to learning information about my field of work – it’s a no brainer.” – Mentee, 2019-2020

“I wanted to give back to the program as I was a mentee for 2 years while attending UBC; and I find it valuable to keep connected to what is happening in forestry in the academic field. – Mentor, 2018-19

 “This was a great opportunity to meet more naturalists, knowledge holders, and industry professionals within the Greater Vancouver area!” – Mentee, 2018-19

“[A memorable experience was] hearing about their innovative projects they were working on that will impact the industry in the future!” – Mentor, 2018-19

“I started feeling a lot more confident. I just feel a lot more prepared for what’s to come, which as first year student from somewhere else is a huge relief.” – Mentee, 2019-20