Erica Lee (Natural Resources Conservation)

Erica Lee – Evans Lake Forest Education Society,

BSCN – Evans Lake Forest Education Society, Squamish, BC

For my first co-op term, I have been working at Evans Lake Forest Education Society in Squamish, BC as a Pod Leader. I have organized, led, and instructed groups of youth campers through outdoor, forest education filled weeks of summer camp. From leading hikes and outdoor education sessions in the forest, to canoeing and swimming in the lake, working at Evans Lake has been an invaluable adventure. I have enjoyed working with a wide age range of youth, sparking interests and passion for the outdoors and all that the forest has to bring. I have been able to apply my forestry knowledge learned in lectures and labs to teach campers hands-on, as well as learn to engage youth with the outdoors in fun and educational ways. The experiences and learning opportunities with campers, co-workers, and supervisors that I have had at Evans Lake has made this work term one of a kind.

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