Haida Gwaii Semester in Community Resilience

Calling all senior undergraduate students:

The Haida Gwaii Semester in Community Resilience is designed for students from interdisciplinary backgrounds who have completed the first two years of an undergraduate degree. With its roots in complex adaptive systems theory, resilience includes the ability to: persist in the face of challenges, adapt to changing circumstances and new realities, or transform to fundamentally new paths for development. Using a transdisciplinary, cross-cultural approach, this program explores the intertwined nature of people, place, and environment from the perspective of resilience theory drawing on Indigenous science and ways of knowing, and Western science and ways of knowing. The courses introduce the theory of resilience as it can be applied to cross-cultural community settings, using case studies from communities on Haida Gwaii and other exceptional cases.

Registration is closing soon, explore this opportunity and apply here if interested.