Online Micro-Certificate: Environmental Footprints of Organizations

What is the Environmental Footprints of Organizations Micro-Certificate?

The Environmental Footprints of Organizations micro-certificate is a flexible eight-week online program that provides professionals with an understanding of life cycle environmental assessment methodology and greenhouse gas reporting protocols, as well as practices of their applications in an organizational setting.

Why choose the Environmental Footprints of Organizations Micro-Certificate?

A variety of climate change mitigation and adaptation plans have been proposed to ensure a sustainable future development of the economy. To ensure the success of these plans and measures, knowledge and skills for quantifying and reporting environmental footprints, particularly greenhouse gas emissions, are in high demand by various companies, organizations, the BC government and worldwide. There is a remarkable gap in the availability of professionals with such qualifications in the current labour market.

The Environmental Footprints of Organizations addresses this critical need. The curriculum is designed to scaffold throughout the courses. The content, learning activities and assessment reflect the current job market demand. Upon completing this micro-certificate, learners will be ready to apply the skills and competencies to complete relevant tasks in their respective roles (e.g., data preparation for greenhouse gas reporting).

What will you learn?

Course 1: Introduction to Life Cycle Assessment

  • Gain working knowledge for creating a product life cycle model and evaluate environmental impacts
  • Develop applied experience with one of the most commonly used life cycle assessment software

Course 2: Organizational Life Cycle Assessment – Concepts and Practices

  • Understand the similarities and differences between product and organizational life cycle assessments
  • Develop experience with data preparation, impact calculations and reporting for an organizational life cycle assessment study

Course 3: Greenhouse Gases Reporting – Protocols and Challenges

  • Understand the protocols and platforms for greenhouse gas reporting
  • Understand the current practices and challenges associated with greenhouse gas reporting
  • Develop applied experience with preparing a greenhouse gases reporting document

Who should apply?

Applications are open to mid-career professionals in the private, public and non-profit sectors as well as students and recent graduates seeking to enter the booming sustainability management industry.

Employment Opportunities

  • Sample job titles: climate change/sustainability analysts, sustainability project managers
  • Sectors:
    • Governmental, non-governmental organizations
    • Private sectors (e.g., pulp and paper companies, sustainability consulting firms)