Land One

What is Land One?

Land One is a limited-enrolment integrated course suite option for first-year UBC students that Forestry offers, together with the Faculty of Land and Food Systems. It’s a different and immersive way of experiencing your first year at UBC. The cohort option eases your transition to university and builds a strong connection to your home faculty through the relationships you’ll develop with your peers and instructors.

Course Structure

You’ll take your core first-year courses in math, biology, economics, and communications in an integrated format, where you get to explore complex issues related to food security, climate change, sustainability, and land use through a coordinated curriculum. Your professors will bring the content to life using relevant examples from your home faculty, and you’ll interpret it using real-world cases from both Indigenous and Western perspectives. In today’s world, we all know that it is these strong relationships that carry you further, faster.

Land One Experience

During your Land One experience, you will visit the UBC Farm to learn more about sustainable food systems. You will also be part of a 2-day field trip to our Malcolm Knapp Research Forest, where you’ll experience first-hand the coastal old growth rainforest and get a chance to bond with other students and instructors in this special gateway program. You’ll round out your first year with the remaining first-year credits required of your degree program. This option is particularly useful if you plan to major in Forest Resources Management or if you’re taking your Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Conservation.

Advantages of this Option

The Land One program also aims to provide personalized mentoring, support, and guidance to students when needed, and to enhance their education through experiential learning (e.g. field trips, hands-on activities) and by providing a real-world context as a backdrop to their foundational, first-year courses. Ultimately, our goal is to provide students with a ‘toolkit’ to increase the likelihood of success in the later years of their education and careers. All these characteristics make Land One an excellent choice for dedicated and motivated incoming students, especially those who want a remarkable first-year experience and would like to acquire the necessary skills to tackle complex, real-world problems.

How to Apply for Land One

Find out more and learn how to apply on the Land One website.

Land One Information Session

We have a series of information sessions available to learn more about this program. Learn more and register for one of these sessions here.