Impact of Donor Support

Trust-based philanthropy

Jun 21, 2024
The Heller family established funds supporting UBC Forestry education, research, and outreach. Their flexible donations aid innovative projects, student success, and advancing wood science and sustainable forestry practices.

Industry Leadership in Forestry Education

Apr 30, 2024
Mosaic's $1.25M gift to UBC Forestry enhances education and industry ties, securing BC's global forestry prominence. Domenico Iannidinardo underscores Mosaic's dedication to community and sustainability, fostering a greener future.

Built for Success

Nov 28, 2023
A new undergraduate bursary helps wood science students realize their dreams.

Reid Carter stands in front of building and totem pole.

When Failure Isn’t an Option

Sep 26, 2023
A winning mindset drove 2023 Alumni Builder Award recipient Reid Carter to excel and give back.

The Case for Continuous Cover Forestry

Oct 01, 2022
Demonstrations could move novel forest operations and high-tech equipment into the mainstream.

For the Future of Forest Conservation, Dr. Tara Martin Has Good News

Jun 29, 2022
UBC Forestry’s Dr. Tara Martin, Liber Ero Chair in Conservation in the Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences, continues to make an impact on addressing complex conservation problems - now with the help of some generous donations from our community.

Where the Waters Meet

Apr 25, 2022
A TA’s award-winning work keeps compassion flowing.

Donors Support Enriched Education Program on Haida Gwaii

Jul 18, 2019
In a world where it’s easier than ever to shut out dissenting opinions and surround yourself with like-minded people, The Faculty of Forestry has developed a successful program that does just the opposite – and students love it.