Ecosystems and Climate Change

Climate change is profoundly impacting forests and other ecosystems. At the same time, many ecosystems play critical roles in the global carbon cycle by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it in biomass. There is a pressing need to understand how climate change impacts the resilience and capacity for adaptation of ecosystems and species, and to inform management. UBC Forestry researchers also study the effects of climate change on agents of ecological disturbance, including wildfires, insects, and diseases.

Examples of our research

Climate Change

  • Projections of climate change and ecological effects in BC
  • Role of below-ground ecosystems in climate responses
  • Visualizing impacts of climate change on communities and landscapes
  • Adapting Asia-Pacific Forests to climate change
  • Genomics of adaptation to climate and assisted migration strategies for reforestation

Health & Disturbance Ecology

  • Understanding effects of climate change on forest insect outbreaks
  • Using genomic tools to identify and detect forest pathogens
  • Quantifying natural and anthropogenic disturbance effects on forest dynamics
  • Understanding wildfire history and ecology to improve management

Faculty involved in this research area: