Aaron Justin Wee (Forest Sciences)

Jr. Resource Technologist at Ministry of Forests in Fort St. John, BC

Aaron smiling at the camera.

For my second work term, I am working in Northeast BC as part of the Crown Land Authorizations team of the BC Ministry of Forests. Much of the northeast region is associated with Treaty 8, which was signed in 1899 as a means to establish peace between the federal government and various First Nations. This job gives me the opportunities to understand land negotiations and reconcilliation efforts between the Treaty 8 First Nations and the Provincial Government. 

My job typically revolves around looking into land tenure applications and writing land-use reports on them. Most information on parcels of land (including history) are accessible through the Tantalis internal database, or through physical files/digital folders. Land use-reports allow me to make recommendations to a decision maker based on the public interest, first nations concerns, economic, social and environmental factors, and conflicts with pre-existing land uses, among many other considerations. When I’m not working on those, I often help other departments with field work. 

Forestry co-op has given me the chance to make personal relationships with the local First Nations and learn more about their culture. I’ve also gotten a better grasp of the processes behind applications and crown land sales or allocation. These are valuable opportunities I would not have gotten if not for the co-op program. 

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