Alerik Wang (Urban Forestry)

Intern at SNAP in Surrey, BC

Alerik holding a shovel.

This term I have been working on a variety of projects that revolve around invasive plant species removal and planting native species all around Surrey. Most of the invasives that I have been removing consist of English ivy, yellow archangel. periwinkle, and Himilayan blackberry. I have also been planting a lot of native species that include shrubs such as salmonberry, thimbleberry, nootka rose, hardhack, and many others as well as tree species such as western red cedar, big leaf maple, sitka spruce, douglas fir, and other native tree species. I have learned a lot in terms of refining my technique when it comes to removing invasives and I have also found my plant ID to be improving tremendously over the course of the work term. Others should consider joining co op because the experience that comes from opportunities such as this one with SNAP are impossible to replicate/substitute with something you would learn in a classroom and they are extremely valuable to someone’s future success in this field.

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