An Hoang (Natural Resources Conservation)

Wilderness Foundation Africa Representative at Wilderness Foundation Africa as an International Co-op

An Hoang, a UBC Forestry Co-op student, is standing in front a group of children educating them about the work being done at Wilderness Foundation Africa.

I am very fortunate to accept a position at Wilderness Foundation Africa as a Wild Rhino Representative in my hometown for my third Coop term! My work primarily focuses on raising awareness of the rhino poaching crisis and ultimately stopping the demand for rhino horns in Vietnam and neighbouring Asian countries. The past few months have been a great roller coaster ride with many partner meetings, school presentations and events, and outreach opportunities. Not only have I extensively improved my event planning and content development skills, but I’ve also learned how to represent my NGO in professional meetings and work settings. The Forestry Coop program has provided me with an opportunity to reconnect with the NGO that changed my life and guided me to conservation. I’m excited about the future and am determined to contribute to reducing the demand for rhino horns in Asia.

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