Callum McCarthy (Natural Resources Conservation)

Summer Field Technician at Silvicon Services Inc in Smithers, BC

UBC Forestry Co-op Student, sitting on the bark of a tree and smiling while in the forest.

For my co op term this summer I chose to work in Smithers BC with Silvicon Services Inc.  My main job is assisting in completing waste and residue surveys of cut-blocks.  We do work for multiple different clients, including CANFOR.  I have learned various skills related to my specific job such as how to operate a quad and properly use a compass, and have also gained valuable insight into how the forestry industry works.  I find this part of my job the most interesting, since forestry is such a large part of BC’s economy.  If you are forestry student who is unsure if they want to pursue a career in the forestry industry I would highly recommend joining the Co-op program, as doing this job has allowed me to see what my potential future in the industry could be.  It is impossible to get the same kind of understanding of the industry in a classroom.

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