Erica Lee (Natural Resources Conservation)

Marine Conservation Technician at Galiano Conservancy Association in Galiano Island, BC

Erica fixing a shoreline trail camera on a tree.

For my third co-op term, I have been working at the Galiano Conservancy Association on Galiano Island, BC, as their Marine Conservation Technician. As part of the ongoing Rockfish Conservation Project, I conduct monitoring for Rockfish Conservation Areas using shoreline trail cameras, conduct interviews with recreational fishers, and lead community education and engagement initiatives. In addition to rockfish conservation, I collect and manage marine invertebrate data from the Hakai Institue’s Sentinels of Change project, monitoring Dungeness crab populations. Come August, I will be leading and coordinating volunteers for a seaweed mapping project by sea kayak.

Like past co-op positions, I have been able to connect my studies to my work. This position has been extremely rewarding, as it has greatly connected to my coursework in Fisheries Conservation and Management at UBC Forestry. I have been able to build on skills including project management, organization, and communication, as well as gain new technical skills in both field and office settings. Co-op is amazing for expanding and diversifying work experience, all while connecting and enhancing your studies.

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