Jasmine Hathway (Natural Resources Conservation)

Summer Camp Leader at Vancouver Botanical Gardens Association in Vancouver, BC

Jasmine looking at the camera and smiling.

Since July, I have been working as a camp instructor at VanDusen Gardens. VanDusen nature camps offer a unique blend of activities that incorporate science, exploration and skill building. My work has been highly rewarding so far because of the impact I have had on campers aged 5-10 years old. I have been able to use my knowledge from my courses to teach campers. For instance, using a flower model to discuss the reproductive parts of a flower and the role of pollination, discussing the cultural and/or historical importance of certain plant species during garden walks, key characteristics to watch for when identifying plant species, and the importance of biodiversity. I have learned several valuable lessons including the importance of recognizing the various learning styles of campers and offering a blend of activities. I believe UBC undergraduate students should consider joining co-op because it prepares you for life after graduation. You will gain work experience in various fields that is attractive to employers.

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