Nicole Hiu Lyun Ting (Forest Bioeconomy Sciences & Technology )

Research & Communications Intern at Automotive Retailers Association in Burnaby, BC

Nicole Ting, a BEST co-op student, sitting at her desk with her laptop and smiling while on the company's website.

For my first co-op work term, I have been working remotely with the Automotive Retailers Assocation (ARA) as a Research & Communications Intern. My job mainly focuses on electric vehicles and how they affect the environment and the BC economy. My main responsibilities include: completing electric vehicle training courses from the ARA website, monitoring complete ICBC salvage sales, writing blog posts about electric vehicles, performing large quantity data analysis, researching up to date electric vehicle topics, updating previous electric vehicle research papers, and presenting research proposals to my supervisor and other co-workers. 

I’ve learned a lot more about electric vehicles and how they impact the environment, as well as how they have huge potential in the automotive industry. I’ve also gained a lot of knowledge about different laws and initiatives that the government has concerning electric vehicles. I’ve improved my research skills, writing skills (specifically for blog post/article writing), and data analysis skills. By completing the electric vehicle training courses on the ARA site, I learned about mechanical repair and motor dealing. This job was great for my degree, because it focused a lot on electric vehicles and sustainability. It made me more aware of different types of renewable technology and environmental initiatives. I would highly recommend the co-op program because this job has allowed me to dive deeper into the content that I learned in class. The skills that I have learned will also help me with my future job search, and also allow me to apply what I learned to my classes back at UBC.

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