Seo Yeon Kim (Natural Resources Conservation)

Forest Technician at Forsite Consultants in Salmon Arm, BC

Seo standing near a tree and smiling.

This summer, I to have had the pleaure to work as a Forest Technician with Forsite Consultants Ltd. for my third co-op term. Through this position, I was responsible for providing technical support to project teams in all aspects of multiphase timber development.  This involved conducting timber reconnaissance, field engineering, providing riparian and ecological assessments, prescribing culverts, layout planning, timber cruising, and GPS traversing. Working as a field technician allowed me to utilize my knowledge in forest ecology, soil science, and stream surveying to assess the quality of pre-harvest blocks and engineer post-harvest effects. 

I have gained key skills in navigating through the forest, working outside in all types of weather and challenging terrain, maintaining a safety conscious mind, collecting accurate data, and being resourceful with the tools and knowledge I have. This opportunity has taught me valuable knowledge on forest management and operations which has sparked a newfound perspective and appreciation for our timber industry. I am so grateful for the academic, professional, and personal growth I have gained from this work term, as well as all the mentors and friends I have made along the way!

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