Xiwen Zhang (Urban Forestry)

Invasive Plant Technician at Spectrum Resource Group Inc. in BC

Xiwen Zhang, an Urban Forestry co-op student, is standing in a field of flowers and smiling.

I started working for Spectrum Resource Group Inc. at this time period as an invasive plants technician. My primary responsibilities include choosing and implementing efficient management and control tactics, compiling and analysing data on invasive species populations, and determining how effective control measures are. I’ve learnt a lot about invasive plant species in British Columbia this term, including how to treat them appropriately. I’ve also had the chance to interact with locals and raise awareness of invasive species among the general public. The co-op work term gives me a fantastic opportunity to put the course contents into practice and gives me a newfound understanding of course concepts, both of which will be very helpful to me in the future.

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