Natural Resources Conservation

Play an active role in protecting and managing our natural environment with an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Natural Resources Conservation degree.

About the program

The Natural Resources Conservation program is the Faculty of Forestry’s most popular degree program. This degree helps you play an active role in protecting and managing our natural environment, such as wildlife, forests, rivers, oceans and land. In addition to English, Math and science courses, take courses in areas such as conservation, wildlife, fisheries management, computer applications, remote sensing, and soil science. Help fight climate change and protect the environment using the skills learned through this degree. By gaining an understanding of how to balance social, economic, cultural and aesthetic issues, this multidisciplinary degree will help you shape our future and our planet.

2 majors to choose from

  • The Science and Management Major provides a rigorous education in natural sciences and a strong focus on solving conservation issues. Graduates have the opportunity to become Professional Biologist or Forester.
  • The Global Perspectives Major helps you gain international experience in policy and planning, and prepares you for work overseas. You will also have the opportunity to gain international experience during your studies.

Core subjects you will learn

  • Ecology and Conservation Biology
  • Biodiversity and Sustainability
  • Geometrics
  • Resource Socio-economics and Policy
  • Land-use Planning

Courses you could take

  • APBI 200 – Introduction to Soil Science
  • BIOL 121 – Genetics, Evolution and Ecology
  • GEOB 103 – Our Changing Environment: Water and Landscapes
  • MATH 100 – Differential Calculus with Applications to Physical Sciences and Engineering

  • CONS 210 – Visualizing Climate Change
  • CONS 330 – Conservation Science and Sustainability
  • FRST 386 – Aquatic Ecosystems and Fish in Forested Watersheds
  • SOCI 360 – Sociology and Natural Resources
  • FRST 443 – Remote Sensing for Ecosystem Management

Dual Degree Option

Earn a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Conservation and Bachelor of Education (Secondary Biological Sciences) in 5 years or a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Conservation and a Master of Management in 4.5 years with the Forestry Dual Degree program.

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