Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

UBC Faculty of Forestry is committed to fostering equity, diversity, inclusion, and fighting racism. Recognizing this as a work in progress, we continually strive to improve how everyone in our community is supported and connected. As our efforts span a range of initiatives, please consider joining us in this journey to share your perspectives and make a difference.

Learn more about the wide variety of people in our community working in this realm:

Hisham Zerriffi

Associate Dean of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Hisham Zerriffi

Professor Hisham Zerriffi (he/him) provides strategic advice to the Dean and senior leadership in Forestry, lobbies for financial support and facilitates our various diversity initiatives and teams, handles disciplinary matters, and provides training for search committees. He previously held the position of Chair of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Council.

Estefanía Milla-Moreno

EDI Coordinator

Estefanía Milla-Moreno

Estefanía Milla-Moreno (she/her) is a Latina scholar and PhD candidate in Forestry. She is launching a new series of podcasts and virtual lunches to share new voices and promote the profiles of diverse scholars within the Faculty via conversations about Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and anti-Racism. She also works to support the work of the Diversity Council and the Associate Dean.

EDI Council colorful hands

EDI Council

A newly appointed team of faculty, staff, and students, chaired by Associate Professor Hisham Zerriffi (he/him/his), which examines systemic and structural issues facing UBC Forestry and how they can be best understood, assessed, improved, and dismantled. The council’s mandate includes making policy suggestions for the Faculty of Forestry.

Diversity Crew logo - a tree of various colours

Diversity Crew

An autonomous, enthusiastic team of (mostly student) volunteers, first organized in March 2016, who host a range of creative events designed to educate and support our community as well as celebrate diversity, inter-culturality, and LGBTQ2S+ people and initiatives. Come get involved!

Overhead shot of the Faculty's Treehouse

Forest(Reads) Initiative

The Forest(Reads) Initiative canvas course is a joint initiative between the Faculty of Forestry’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Council and the Associate Dean, Academic of the Faculty. The goal of the initiative is to provide students, faculty and staff an opportunity to engage in shared learning regarding complex and difficult issues facing the fields of forestry and conservation. Anyone with a UBC CWL account can register for the course.

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