Bianca Eskelson Receives the Alexander Von Humboldt Research Fellowship

UBC Forestry wishes to congratulate Bianca Eskelson, Associate Professor in the Department of Forest Resources Management, for receiving the Humboldt Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers awarded by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

Bianca is being recognized as a Humboldt fellow in support of the following research project: Climate-sensitive tree mortality models and economic consequences of altered mortality probabilities under climate change in mixed-species stands of central Europe and interior British Columbia, Canada.

“I have no words to express my excitement about returning to the Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology in Göttingen, where I get to build research collaborations with Dr. Carola Paul as a visiting scientist almost 20 years after my graduation,” says Bianca. “I am honored to receive the Humboldt Research Fellowship, which makes my research visits over the next three summers possible. Many thanks to my family and my awesome graduate students, who put up with my crazy ideas and accommodate my time in Göttingen!”

In her future as a Humboldt Fellow, Bianca will be able to host Humboldt postdoctoral fellows funded by the foundation in her lab.

About the Humboldt Research Fellowship

This fellowship is among the most prestigious research awards worldwide, giving researchers across all disciplines and career stages the opportunity to conduct their own research in collaboration with a host at a German research institution of their choice.

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