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Scott Renneckar

Professor + Canada Research Chair in Advanced Renewable Materials
Program Director Forest Bioeconomy Sciences and Technology

Forest Sciences Centre 4034
2424 Main Mall
Vancouver, British Columbia V6T 1Z4

work phone: 604-827-0637

Dr. Scott Renneckar investigates the molecular structure and reactions of wood to transform trees and recycled fiber into novel materials that will serve as a platform for the bioeconomy.  Critical to this transformation is the application of fundamental polymer science principles to the characterization, processing, and performance of the biopolymers and biobased composites. His research group’s goal is to apply novel processing methods to create petroleum free composites for the next generation of advanced renewable materials from Canadian forests and fields. 


Lignin— Fibre spinning, characterization, derivatization, structure-property relationships, thermoplastics, thermosets, foams, aerogels

Heteropolysaccharides— sustainable packaging, crystallization, nanotechnology

Nanocellulose— new technologies

Biomass Deconstruction + Fractionation–Oxidative or reductive catalytic fractionation, organosolv pulping, steam-explosion, glycerol thermal processing

Selected Publications

Ji, L., L. Liu, M. Cho, M. A. Karaaslan, & S. Renneckar (2022). Revisiting the Molar Mass and Conformation of Derivatized Fractionated Softwood Kraft Lignin BIomacromolecules 23(3):708–719
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Cho, M., M. A. Karaaslan, & S. Renneckar (2022). Simple Strategies for Enhancement of the Strength of Lignin‐Based Nanofibrous Aerogels Macromolecular Materials and Engineering 2200052
Karaaslan, M.A., L. Lin, F. Ko & S. Renneckar (2022). Carbon Aerogels From Softwood Kraft Lignin for High Performance Supercapacitor Electrodes Frontiers in Materials 9
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Hossain, Md A., M. S. Rahaman, D. Yelle, H. Shang, Z.Sun, S. Renneckar, J. Dong, S. Tulaphol, & N. Sathitsuksanoh (2021). Effects of polyol-based deep eutectic solvents on the efficiency of rice straw enzymatic hydrolysis Industrial Crops and Products 167: 113480
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