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Shawn Mansfield

Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Forest Sciences Centre 4030
2424 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

work phone: 604-822-0196

Areas of research include:

  • Tree biotechnology
  • Relationship between genes expression and phenotypic cell wall and development traits
  • Plant Metabolism (Metabolomics)
  • Cell Wall Development
  • Cellulose Biosynthesis
  • Lignin Biosynthesis
  • Tree Metabolism
  • Sucrose Metabolism
  • Trees and the Environment; Remediation of anthropogenic contaminants:
    • phosphorous
    • salt
    • heavy metals


Identification and Selection of Fast-growing Poplar Genotypes for Sequestration of Carbon & Biomass Production Completed


Spruce Forest Health Genomics Completed

Genome British Columbia/Genome Canada

Employing Metabolic Profiling as a screening technology for Internal Checking of Radiata Pine Completed

WQI Limited, New Zealand

Evaluating Canada’s Underutilized Species, Hybrid Poplar, for the Value-Added Industry Completed

NRCAN/CFS Value-Added

Metabolic profiling of radiata pine – proof of concept Completed

WQI Limited, New Zealand

Genetic engineering of cellulose biosynthesis in hardwood and softwoods Completed


Wood quality assessment technology for the value-added industry Completed

NRCAN/CFS Value-Added

Characterizing wood and fibre properties by metabolite profiling Completed

NSERC Strategic Grant

Identification and performance of ethanologenic Saccharomyces strain for fermentation of galactose from lignocellulosic hydrolysates Completed


Laboratory for wood and fibre quality Completed


Bioprocessing centre for sustainable fuels and chemicals Completed


Canada Research Chair (Tier II) – Wood and fibre quality.Department of Wood Science, Faculty of Forestry, UBC Completed


Increasing yield and cellulose by modification of carbohydrate allocation and metabolism Completed

NSERC Partnership Grant (CellFor Inc.)

Study of the effects of the over-expression (ectopic) and vascular-specific expression of UGPase, SUSY, invertase and SPS on cellulose synthesis Completed

CellFor Inc.

Influence on chemical pulp processibility of genetically modified lignin subunits Completed

CellFor Inc.

Analysis of transformed Poplar and Spruce for pulping and fibre quality Completed

CellFor Inc.

Analysis of Poplar modified for altered lignin Completed

CellFor Inc.

Elucidating the variations in fibre chemistry and morphology of Aspen clones to improve pulp processing and quality Completed

NSERC Discovery Grant

Strength Testing of Hemlock for Strongwood Products Completed


Chemical analysis of beetle killed Lodgepole pine Completed

Ainsworth Inc.


UBC Killiam Research Prize 2016
David Gifford Award (Tree Biology), Canadian Society of Plant Biologist 2014
2014 Tree Biotechnologist of the Year, Institute of Forest BioSciences 2014
Scientific Achievement Award (SAA), IUFRO (given only every 5 years) 2010
Sir Frederick MacMaster Fellowship, CSIRO Australia 2007
Fellow of the International Academy of Wood Science 2007
Senior Early Career Scholar, Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies 2006
Canada Research Chair in Wood and Fibre Quality, NSERC, 2001 (renewal 2006) 2001

Selected Publications

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