Master of Urban Forestry Leadership (Online)

Understand our urban ecology and how to develop sustainable cities with a Master of Urban Forestry Leadership.

The University of British Columbia’s Master of Urban Forestry Leadership (MUFL) is a comprehensive online, 13-month full-time or 25-month part-time*, course-based master’s program that provides an interdisciplinary perspective of urban forestry, with a focus on strategic management, decision-making, and creativity.

Why Choose the MUFL Program?

Meet the growing demand for skilled urban forestry practitioners

With urbanization, climate change, and increased awareness of the intricate relationship between nature and wellbeing, the need for urban forestry practitioners is constantly growing. This program is poised to produce creative leaders who understand the vital role of urban forests in the future of cities and be able to oversee sustainable forestry projects.

Develop invaluable skills in leadership and strategic management

Complex problems require creativity, decision-making, and strategic planning. This program will allow you to learn how to balance the multiple demands on urban forests, and how to use the latest innovations in planning, assessment, and management.

Learn from the best in the field

Courses are taught by world-class faculty from UBC’s Faculty of Forestry. Throughout the program, you will interact with and learn from international leaders in urban forestry, including representatives from governments, businesses, academia and non-profits.

How will you learn?

Students receive well-rounded theoretical and practical experience through a combination of online lectures, discussions, and self-guided learning packages, blending indoor and outdoor lab components and interactive applications of cutting-edge technologies. An optional field experience in Europe complements the online program and provides opportunities to liaise with fellow students and urban forestry leaders. A week in Vancouver wraps up the program, with field excursions and social opportunities.